Michael Hanlon, British science journalist, Died at 51


Michael Hanlon was born on December 20, 1964, in Bristol and died on February 9, 2016.

He was a science writer and newspaper science editor in Britain.

Hanlon received education in Earth Sciences at university.

Michael Hanlon grew up on the Dorset coast.

Michael Hanlon was the Science Editor for the Daily Mail, before, he had written for the Daily Express, the Independent and Irish News.

Hanlon also contributes on a regular basis to several magazines, including the Spectator.

Mr. Hanlon frequently appeared on television, heard on the radio, as an expert in explaining science to the general public.

Also, the Guardian calls Hanlon a, “top science writer.”

Hanlon got a lot of attention, including that of Ed West, when he abandoned his uncertainty about global warming

Mr. Michael Hanlon former partner was Elena Seymenliyska, and also, a journalist, who works for Aeon (digital magazine) and he leaves behind his partner Alison.

Michael Hanlon passed away at 51 yrs old.