Michael Earl, American puppeteer (Sesame Street), Died at 56, colon cancer.

Michael Earl was born on September 10, 1959 in Oakland, California and died on December 23, 2015.

He was an American puppeteer, actor, writer, singer and songwriter.

Michael Earl was a four time Emmy Award-winner.

Earls credits include playing Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street (1978–81) and Dr. Ticktock in Ticktock Minutes, a musical series of PSA’s on PBS he also co-created, scripted and wrote lyrics for that garnered eleven Southern Regional Emmys.

He also received a 1998 National Emmy for Best Public Service Announcements, a Gabriel Award, 2 Parents’ Choice Awards and numerous other honors.

He performed the original Shrek character in a motion-capture film for DreamWorks and puppeteered lead characters in Paramount Pictures’ Team America: World Police.

Michael Earl passed away at 56 yrs old due to colon cancer.