Michael Beaumont, 22nd Seigneur of Sark, British aristocrat, Died at 88


John Michael Beaumont was born on December 20, 1927, and died on July 3, 2016.
He was the twenty-second Seigneur of Sark in the Channel Islands.
Beaumont worked as a civil engineer before succeeding his paternal grandmother, Sibyl Hathaway, the 21st Dame of Sark, in 1974.
Under his leadership, Beaumont saw the loss of many feudal rights enjoyed by the seigneurs and was consequently often described as the “last feudal baron.
He was the son of the Royal Air Force officer and film producer Francis William Beaumont and his first wife Enid Ripley.
Sibyl Hathaway was Michael Beaumont paternal grandmother, ascended as the Dame of Sark six months before his birth.
However, Francis and Enid divorced in 1937 as a result of his adultery with the actress Mary Lawson, whom he subsequently married.
His father and stepmother were killed on May 4, 1941, during the Liverpool Blitz, which left the 14-year-old Beaumont heir apparent to his grandmother.
He worked as a structural design engineer for the British Aircraft Corporation in Bristol before moving to Shoreham-by-Sea, where he worked on Beagle Aircraft.
During 1956, Beaumont married Diana La Trobe-Bateman, and the couple had two sons, Christopher and Anthony.
Michael Beaumont passed away at 88 years old.