Martha Kyrle, Austrian physician, Died at 100

Martha Kyrle (née Schärf) was born on April 17, 1917 in Vienna and died on July 15, 2017.

She was an Austrian physician, philanthropist.

She was the daughter of Adolf Schärf, the former federal president of Austria and his wife Hilda (22 April 1886 – 21 June 1956).

When her mother died before her father was elected federal president, it was she who accompanied her father on state visits and other occasions.

Although Kyrle was just the daughter of a head of state, she was the first Austrian First Lady who appeared as such in public.

Because of her fashionableness and her youthful appearance she could compete with the glamour of Jackie Kennedy.

Kyrle turned 100 in April 2017.

Martha Kyrle passed away at 100 years old.