Marjet Ockels, Dutch politician, Died at 72


Marjet Joan Ockels was born on November 12, 1943, in Almelo and died on May 14, 2016.
She was a Dutch politician.
Marjet Ockels was a member of the House of Representatives between 1991 and 1994.
Marjet started as a member of the Labour Party but left in 1993 and continued as an independent.
Ockels worked at a general practice clinic for twenty years.
Ockels was a member of the municipal council of Ulrum for the Labour Party between 3 September 1982 and 1 January 1990, from 29 April 1986 she concurrently served as older woman for education, social affairs, employment and fishery.
Then after, Ockels continued as a member of the municipal council of the expanded municipality of Ulrum, which later became the De Marne. Her time in office ended on April 12, 1994.
She served in the House of Representatives from June 4, 1991, to May 17, 1994.
Ockels left the Labour party and continued as an independent, on September 21, 1993.
Ockels was restlessness with the internal relations within the fraction.
Marjet Ockels passed away 72 yrs old.