Marita Lindquist, Finnish writer, Died at 97


Marita Elisabeth Lindquist (née Gustafson) was born on November 10, 1918, in Helsinki and died on June 7, 2016.

She was a Finnish author of many children’s books.

Marita Lindquist was of the Swedish-speaking population of Finland.

Also, she had written song lyrics, illustrated books, and worked as a translator, materials writer, producer, editor, and journalist.

Marita Lindquist graduated from high school in 1937 and then studied languages.

Marita Lindquist was the author many song texts and poems.

Lindquist’s collection included about forty children’s books (usually the characters are fictional but for instance in Santtu Ellinoora series they were inspired by her grandchildren).

At the time of her death, Lindquist was a widow and had two daughters – Marika and Anki, a folk singer (1945–2007).

Marita Lindquist has received many awards (see Awards section), including National Literature Prize (1973, 1975) and Topelius Award (1982).

Some of her books have been translated into many foreign languages.

Marita Lindquist passed away at 97 yrs old.