Mario Almada, Mexican actor, Died at 94


Mario Almada Otero was born on January 7, 1922, and died on October 4, 2016.
He was a Mexican actor with a career lasting over seven decades.
Almada appeared in over 300 films.
Mario was most known for his roles in urban westerns and action pictures.
Almada Otero the brother of actor Fernando Almada.
At the time when his brother Fernando decided to take up acting, Mario decided to become a film producer. He wrote his first film script in 1963.
Both Almada brothers had their own family-run production company that eventually dissolved due to financial troubles from lack of profit.
Mario films continued with themes of drug trafficking and violence.
Almada played the role of a godfather in the 2006 film Bajo la misma luna. The film is about a boy who crosses the Mexican-American Border in order to reunite with his mother.
The name of the film has been changed to La Misma Luna since January 2007 and was officially released in México on September 7, 2007 and in the United States on September 28, 2007.
During 2008, he played a secondary role during the second season of the Mexican television series El Pantera, playing the role of Don Almagro.
During 2010 he appeared on the Narco satire El Infierno, made by Luis Estrada.
Almada played the role of the drug trafficker known as “El Texano”, an intermediary between the highland narcotics producers and the people of Jose Reyes. I
Mario Almada passed away at 94 years old.