Marc Dachy, French art historian, Died at 62

Marc Dachy was born in 1952, in Anvers, Belgium and died on October 8, 2015.

He was a French art historian.

Marc passion and obsession for Dadaism began when he was 18 years old, when he discovered the work of Clément Pansaers, the founder of the movement in his country who would end up joining the Dadaist community in Paris.

He was passionate about Dadaism, he has dedicated his whole life to the publication, translation and publishing of texts concerning key figures and relative unknowns of the Dadaism movement.

Marc Dachy published in spring 2015 his las piece of work, entitled Il y a des journalistes partout. De quelques coupures de presse relatives à Tristan Tzara et André Breton (Gallimard, « L’Infini »).

This piece explores the artist’s interest in Breton and his link to Dadaism.

Marc role as editor led him to release the unedited version of Louis Aragon’s Projet d’histoire littéraire contemporaine from the Dada period, and, amongst others, some letters by the French painter Francis Picabia from 1988.

Dachy translated the Ivrea versions of texts by artists such as Gertrude Stein, John Cage, Piet Mondrian, La Monte Young and Kurt Schwitters.

Dachy dedicated La cathédrale de la misère érotique, around the Merzbau movement that Schwitters founded.

He was the author of many works, Dachy also founded and furthered the review Luna Park in 1975, which ran for two series, the first published from 1975 to 1985.

Eugène Ionesco awarded Marc Dachy the Prix des Créateurs in 1978 for this review.

Marc was recognized by the Grand Prix du Livre d’Art for his work Journal du mouvement Dada, in 1990.

He would publish his texts around fifteen years later.

Marc Dachy passed away at 62 yrs old due to cancer on 8 October 2015 in Paris.