Malek Chebel, Algerian anthropologist and philosopher, Died at 63

  Reseacher, Writer

Malek Chebel was born in 1953 at Skikda (Former Phillippeville) and died on November 12, 2016.

He was an Algerian philosopher and anthropologist of religions .

Chebel studied in Algeria, then later in France at Paris where he also studied psychoanalysis.

Malek was a teacher at many universities worldwide.

He was also an essayist of author of books specialized in Arab world and Islam.

Chebel created the expression: “Islam of lights”. He gives conferences in many countries of Europe and Africa; and works on a large research about Islam in the world.

Malek Chebel was known for his reflections about Islam, its culture, its history, intellectual life, and its erotism.

Chebel was also famous for his public positions for a liberal Islam, and for its reform.

He died due to cancer.

Malek Chebel passed away at 63 years old.