Makandal Daaga, Trinidad and Tobago political activist, Died at 80

Makandal Daaga birthname Geddes Granger was born in 1935, and died on August 8, 2016.

He was a Trinidad and Tobago political activist and former revolutionary.

Daaga was the son of Gaskynd Granger, and cousin of David A. Granger.

He was the leader of the 1970 Black Power Revolution.

In the unrest he was arrested and charged.

His name Makandal Daaga can be traced back to his ancestral roots in Africa.

Daaga rallied against inequalities towards black citizens in Trinidad.

Now, because of the effort of Dagaa, Clive Nunez and many others that partook and died in the struggle, black people can now work in Banks, assume leadership roles and achieve the same status that, previously, only white citizens were capable of achieving.

During February 1969, Granger founded the NJAC National Joint Action Committee, a now-quiescent political party.

Makandal Daaga passed away at 80 years old.