Maggie Macdonald, Scottish Gaelic singer, Died at 63


Maggie Macdonald (née Michie) was born on November 17, 1952, in Glasgow, and died on July 26, 2016.

She was a Scottish Gaelic singer and primary school teacher.

Maggie was a Mòd gold medallist and sung with the Gaelic super-group, Cliar.

Macdonald was part of The Campbells Of Greepe, along with other family members.

Maggie appeared in her second Mòd final in 1993 in Airdrie.

The year after that in Dunoon, Macdonald won gold medal in solo singing.

During 1998, Maggie formed the band Cliar, along with cousin Mary Ann Kennedy, Arthur Cormack, Bruce MacGregor and others.

The band’s eponymous – first album Cliar was named Best Album in 2003 at the inaugural Scots Trad Music Awards.

There band were often described as a gaelic supergroup.

Maggie was apart of The Campbells of Greepe, family members from Skye with a long tradition of performing unaccompanied Gaelic song.

They were completed at puirt à beul, one of the most difficult genres of Gaelic song to perform.

She also performed Gaelic Opera, Mac-Talla nan Eun, singing the last lament in a 2007 performance that was broadcast live.

The same year, Macdonald also appeared on Duan Nollaig, an album that was the first ever recorded collection of Christmas carols and songs in Gaelic.

Macdonald was a member of the Inverness Gaelic choir.

Macdonald was on the board of directors of Fèis Rois, an organisation supporting Gaelic culture.

Maggie Macdonald passed away at 63 years old.