Madhusudan Dhaky, Indian architectural historian, Died at 88

Madhusudan Amilal Dhaky was born on July 31, 1927, in Porbandar region of Gujarat, and died on July 29, 2016.

He was an architectural and art historian from Gujarat, India.

Dhaky had written extensively on Indian temple architecture, Jain literature and art.

Madhusudan Dhaky graduated in geology from Ferguson College, Pune.

Dhaky worked with Central Bank for brief period.

Madhusudan Dhaky had worked for three years in field of in horticulture.

Dhaky had researched on Indian classical music also.

Madhusudan Dhaky was married to Geetaben.

Madhusudan Dhaky served as the Director of Research at the Centre for Art and Archaeology at the American institute of Indian Studies in Gurgaon from 1976 to 1996 and the Director Emeritus, Research till 2005 at the same institute.

Dhaky had also contributed in the construction of the modern Somnath temple.

His writings contributed extensively on architectural and art history, especially Indian temple architecture. He had written 25 books, 325 research papers and 400 articles.

Which includes several works on Jain literature.

And was widely known for his fourteen volume work, Indian Temple Architecture.

He received a number of awards including, the Campbell Memorial Gold Medal awarded by the Asiatic Society of Bombay.

Madhusudan Dhaky passed away at 88 years old.