Luis Rodolfo Peñaherrera Bermeo, Ecuadorian artist, Died at 80


Luis Rodolfo Peñaherrera Bermeo was born in 1936, and died on August 20, 2016.

He was an Ecuadorian artist.

Luis studied Lithography and Drawing from the Meritorious Philanthropic Society of Guayas, and earned a Fine Arts teaching degree from the Municipal School of Arts in Guayaquil.

Luis Rodolfo Peñaherrera Bermeo became a professor at both institutions, and the rector of the latter for 33 years.

Whilst he was a student, some of his teachers included Alfredo Palacio, Caesar Andrade Faini and Hans Michaelson.

Also to that, some of his own students such as Jorge Velarde went on become noted painters.

Luis painted the mural “Apotheosis of Guayaquil” on the ceiling of the City Hall, which portrays past and present iconic figures from Guayaquilean history.

When he was 23 years old, Luis took over the drawing of the cartoon character named “Juan Pablo” (created in 1918 by Jaime Salinas), which was the most popular cartoon character in Guayaquil, having first appeared in El Telégrafo, and later in La Prensa and El Universo, which in 1994 was also recognized as “a civic emblem” by the municipal government.

After Salinas died in 1959, El Telégrafo launched a contest to find someone who would take over the drawing of Juan Pablo, which Peñaherrera Bermeo won.

Bewteen 1962 to 1998 he drew a cartoon called “Flechazos” for the newspaper El Universo under the pseudonym Robin.

Luis Rodolfo Peñaherrera Bermeo has also used the pseudonym Sombras at El Telégrafo.

Luis Rodolfo Peñaherrera Bermeo passed away at 80 years old.