Luis Alberto Machado, Venezuelan lawyer and politician, Dead

  Law, Politician

Luis Alberto Machado was born in 1932, and died on February 23, 2016.

He was a Venezuelan lawyer, author, Secretary of the Presidency and Minister of Intellectual Development of Venezuela.

Luis was mostly known for his ideas about the malleability of intelligence.

He served as Secretary of the Presidency during Rafael Caldera’s first Presidency, from 1969 to 1974.

He stated in his books and writings on the topic, that perceived limits on intelligence are false and are primarily tied to upbringing and social conditioning.

His theory argued that through careful environmental stimulation, especially in the early stages of child development, intelligence can be developed indefinitely and exponentially throughout life.

Whilst he was a politician, he stated that a nation’s collective intellectual power was its greatest asset.

The politician was appointed Minister of Intellectual Development, a cabinet post created specifically for advancing and applying his ideas with government backing, during the presidency of Luis Herrera Campins (1979-1984).

His program was known as the Intelligence Project, and, nonetheless given a small budget, resulted in a number of government initiatives aimed at improving educational opportunities in Venezuela.

Luis Alberto Machado passed away on February 23, 2016.