Luis Abanto Morales, Peruvian singer and composer, Died at 93

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Luis Abanto Morales was born on August 25, 1923 in Trujillo, Peru and died on June 14, 2017.

He was a Peruvian singer and composer.

Morales childhood was spent in Cajabamba where, after his father died, he was cared for by his paternal grandmother.

Morales’ early studies were at the 113 school.

After that, at the age of thirteen he moved to Lima, the city where he currently resides.

When Abanto was 13 years old his mother, doña Rosa, brought him to Lima, and they moved to the Tingüa passage in the District of Lince.

From a young age Abanto had to support his family.

There he would work at day and study at night.

Later Morales took electricity training in the Salesians Catholic School.

Morales’ career began in 1942 when he won the “Districts Song” contest sponsored by Radio Callao.

Then, Abanto became a famous singer and composer of traditional Peruvian music.

A selected amonut of his songs carry a strong message about social conflicts and national identity, and others about love and life.

Perhaps his most famous songs are “Cholo soy”, “Heaven Serrano”, “La Pitita”, “Love me”, among others.

Morales regularly travels to Brazil, the United States and some European countries, where the Peruvian expatriates keep requesting his presence.

He was one of the first converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Peru.

Luis Abanto Morales passed away at 93 years old.