Lucky Akhand, Bangladeshi singer-composer, Died at 60


Lucky Akhand was born on June 18, 1956, and died on April 21, 2017.

He was a Bangladeshi singer-composer.

Akhand was associated with the musical band Happy Touch.

Lucky composed notable songs including Ei Neel Monihar, Abar Elo Jey Shondhya and Amaye Deko Na.

Akhand was appointed the director (music) of Bangladeshi national radio network Bangladesh Betar.

Lucky’s songs were “Agey Jodi Jantam”, “Amay Dekona”, “Mamonia”, “Ei Neel Monihar”, “Hridoy Amar”. His composed songs for the album of his brother in which “Abar Elo Je Sondha” and “Ke Bashi Bajaire” sung by Akhand, “Shadinota Tomake Niye”, “Pahari Jhorna”, sung by Happy Akhand and himself and “Nil Nil Shari Pore” and “Hothat Kore Bangladesh” sung by himself were notable songs.

The song “Abar Elo Je Sondha” was used in Bangla film named Ghuddi in 1988.

Lucky Akhand passed away at 60 years old.