Louis E. Crandall, American printer and entrepreneur, Died at 87

Louis Eugene Crandall was born on July 27, 1929, and died on September 11, 2016.

He was an American printer and entrepreneur.

He founded Legend City and the Crandall Historical Printing Museum.

His parents were Louis Packer Crandall and Louise Marie Crismon.

Crandall obtained his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, and in 1963 at age 28, he founded Legend City, an amusement park in Phoenix.

That park started struggling financially and Crandall was forced out of management before the park’s closing in 1983.

He went on to create the Crandall Historical Printing Museum, which tells the history of printing, especially with regards to the printing of the Bible, the United States Declaration of Independence, and the Book of Mormon.

Louis E. Crandall passed away at 87 years old.