Lindy Delapenha, Jamaican football player and sports broadcaster, Died at 89

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Lloyd Lindbergh “Lindy” Delapenha was born on May 5, 1927, and died on January 26, 2017.

He was a Jamaican footballer and sports journalist.

Lindy Delapenha was an old boy of the prestigious boys’ school Munro college in Jamaica where he was a football player.

Lindy was the first Jamaican to play professional football in England.

After he returned home, Delapenha played cricket for a short time and represented Boys’ Town at football, taking them from Division 3 up to Division 1.

Then after that, Lindy became director of sports at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation.

At the JBC, Delapenha had various roles including co-ordinating coverage of cricket, the Commonwealth Games, and helped bring international football to Jamaica.

Delapenha stayed there for 30 years before JBC was sold and his services were no longer required.

Lloyd Lindbergh “Lindy” Delapenha passed away at 89 years old.