Lilian Ladele, British Christian rights activist, Died at 54

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Lilian Ladele died in October 2015, she was a British Christian rights activist.

Marriage registrar Lillian Ladele worked for Islington Borough Council in London.

When civil partnerships were legalised in 2004, Lilian refused to conduct them, saying it was against her religious beliefs.

On December 2007, the local authority changed the rules governing their registrar’s working conditions.

Lilian went from effectively working on a freelance basis, which allowed her to swap civil partnership ceremonies with colleagues, to a system which granted her far less flexibility.

Lilian argued she was being forced by the north London council to choose between her religious beliefs and her job.

She claimed she was shunned and accused of being homophobic for refusing to carry out the ceremonies.

In July 2008, an employment tribunal ruled in Lilian’s favour, agreeing that she had been harassed.

Lilian Ladele passed away at age 54 in October 2014.