Liang Sili, Chinese missile control scientist and academician, Died at 91


Liang Sili/ Liáng Sīlǐ was born on August 24, 1924, and died on April 14, 2016.

He was a Chinese rocket and missile system control scientist, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Liang Sili was the youngest son of a Chinese scholar and reformist Liang Qichao.

Liang Sicheng and Liang Siyong, were his elder brothers are also academicians.

The scientist graduated from Purdue University in 1945, majoring in engineering.

Sili gained his doctor’s degree in automation control from the University of Cincinnati in 1949.

Mr.Sili went to China in late 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party took control of mainland China.

Liang Sili served at the Institute of Telecommunications Technology (Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications) and later Institute of Electronic Science (Communication Department of PLA).

He transferred to the Fifth Institute of Department of Defense, in 1956.

Mr.Sili became the deputy director of Research Office of Missile Control System, working under Qian Xuesen.

He also acted an important role on the design of Dongfeng 2A missile, Dongfeng 5 missile, Long March 2 rocket and Long March 3 rocket.

In 1987, he was elected an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics , and academician of CAS in 1993.

In 1994, he became the vice-president of the International Astronautical Federation.

Liang Sili passed away at 91 yrs old.