Li Li-Hua, Hong Kong actress, Died at 92

Li Li-Hua, known as Li Hua Li, Li Lihua and Teresa Li Chinese was born on July 17, 1924, in Shanghai and died on March 19, 2017.

She was a Chinese Hong-Kong actress.

Li was better known as an actress from the Shaw Brothers Studio.

During 1957, she married Hong Kong actor and director Yan Jun (嚴俊) (from December 17, 1917 – to August 18, 1980.

Li Li-Hua father is the famous Beijing Opera actor Li Guifang (李桂芳).

At age 12 Li Li-Hua moved to Beijing and studied Beijing Opera.

Later, after four years Li moved to Shanghai and joined the Yihua Film Company.

Li’s first movie was 3 Smiles (三笑) which was released in two parts in 1940.

Li Li-Hua passed away at 92 years old.