Leoni Franco, Uruguayan musician, composer and guitarist, Died at 73


Leonardo Franco was born in 1942, in Guatemala City, Paysandu and on December 1, 2015, in Guatemala.

He was an Uruguayan musician, composer and guitarist.

Franco Leoni was the founder of the Uruguayan group The Cardigans, with his brother the composer, vocalist and arranger Eduardo Franco ( 1945 – 1989 ).

The group was formed in 1958 Uruguay.

The members include: Eduardo Franco, ‘Franco’ (singer, composer, arranger), his brother Leonardo Franco, ‘Leoni’ (first guitar, Juan Carlos Velasquez, ‘Juano ‘(drums), John Bosco Zabalo, ‘Bosco’ (second guitar), Hugo Burgess, ‘Burgues’ (bass, vocals and composer) and Jesus Maria February ‘Febro’ (keyboards).

They song romantic music and Latin pop.

The band was famous for songs like “You with him”, “Apróntate to live” and “I ask him to his knees.”

Franco Leoni passed away at 73 yrs old.