Leonard L. Northrup Jr., American engineer, Died at 98

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Leonard “Lynn” L. Northrup Jr. was born on March 18, 1918, and died on March 24, 2016.

He was an American engineer.

Leonard L. Northrup Jr was a pioneer of the commercialization of solar thermal energy.

|Northrup was inspired by the work of Professor John Yellott, Dr. Maria Telkes, and Harry Tabor, Northrup’s company designed, patented, developed and manufactured some of the first commercial solar water heaters, solar concentrators, solar-powered air conditioning systems, solar power towers and photovoltaic thermal hybrid systems in the United States.

As a co-founder, he became part of ARCO Solar, which in turn became BP Solar, which became the largest solar energy company in the world.

Leonard L. Northrup Jr was a prolific inventor with 14 US patents.

Leonard L. Northrup Jr passed away at 98 yrs old.