Lee Pfund, American baseball player, Died at 96


Le Roy Herbert Pfund was born on October 18, 1919, in Oak Park, Illinois and died on June 2, 2016.

He was a former Major League Baseball pitcher.

Le Roy was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers from the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1944 rule 5 draft and played for the Dodgers in 1945.

The young rookie was a right-hander stood 6’1″ and weighed 185 lbs.

Lee was one of many ballplayers who only appeared in the major leagues during World War II.

Lee Pfund made his major league debut in relief against the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds on April 21, 1945, when professional baseball teams conducted spring training in the north.

His first major league win came in his first start, on May 14, 1945, as the Dodgers defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1 at Ebbets Field.

His totals for his seasons for 15 games include a 3-2 record, 10 games started, 2 complete games, 2 games finished, and an ERA of 5.20 in 62.1 innings pitched. Pfund went 4-for-22 (.182) in batting with a double and 2 walks, had 4 runs batted in and scored 2 runs.

Lee took a job at Wheaton College (Illinois) in Wheaton, Illinois for nearly 39 years, as a professor of physical education, baseball coach, basketball coach, and executive director of the Alumni Association (1975-1987).

Lee Pfund was the winningest coach in Wheaton history for both men’s basketball and baseball.

He was inducted into the Illinois State Basketball Coaches Association “Hall of Fame”?

Lee Pfund passed away at 96 yrs old.