Labhshankar Thakar, Indian author, Died at 80


Labhshankar Jadavji Thakar was born on January 14, 1935, in Sedla village near Surendranagar, Gujarat. and died on January 6, 2016.

He was a Gujarati poet, playwright and story writer from India.

Labhshankar Thakar was also known by his pen names Lagharo and Vaidya Punarvasu

Thakar completed Bachelor of Arts in Gujarati in 1957, Master of Arts in 1959.

Labhshankar taught at a number of different colleges in Ahmedabad and simultaneously studied Ayurveda.

Labhshankar received Diploma in Suddha Ayurveda in 1964.

Later he started an Ayurvedic clinic and continues his practice.

He was educated in languages and Ayurveda, he taught at colleges before starting practices of Ayurveda.

Mr. Thakar had a modernist approach in literature and was heavily influenced by absurd theatre and the traditions of experimental literature.

Mr. Thakar chiefly wrote plays and poetry.

He was a native of Patdi village of Surendranagar district.

Labhshankar Thakar passed away at 80 years old after a short illness in Ahmedabad.