Konstantinos Despotopoulos, Greek philosopher and intellectual, Died at 103

Konstantinos Despotopoulos/Κωνσταντίνος Δεσποτόπουλος was born on February 8, 1913, in Smyrna and died on February 7, 2016, in Athens.

He was a Greek philosopher and intellectual.

He became a university professor and Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs of Greece.

Following the destruction of the city and the flight of its Greek population at the end of the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–22, his family settled in Athens.

Despotopoulos attended the 1st Gymnasium of Athens, which he graduated with perfect marks, and received his PhD from the University of Athens in Philosophy, again with perfect marks.

The Professor taught Philosophy of Law and general philosophy courses at the University of Athens, the University of Nancy, and the Panteion University.

In 1984 he was elected a member of the Academy of Athens, serving as its chairman in 1993.

Konstantinos Despotopoulos was also a foreign fellow of the Romanian Academy and the Académie de Marseille.

As an active member of the National Liberation Front during the Axis occupation of Greece, following the outbreak of the Greek Civil War, Konstantinos was dismissed from his post at the university and spent the years 1947–50 in internal exile at Makronisos.

During the year 1989–90, Konstantinos served as Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs of Greece in the caretaker cabinet of Ioannis Grivas and the ecumenical cabinet of Xenophon Zolotas, and was proposed by the leftist Synaspismos as its candidate in the Greek presidential election, 1990.

As an author, he published 32 books on philosophy, history, and politics

Konstantinos Despotopoulos passed away at 103 yrs old.