Klaus Huhn, German sports journalist and writer, Died at 88

  Media, Writer

Klaus Huhn was born on February 24, 1928, and died on January 20, 2017.

He was a sports journalist, writer, and sports administrator.

He worked for the East German mass-market daily newspaper, Neues Deutschland, and was chairman of the Sports Journalists Sub-Association within that country’s important Union of Journalists.

As a writer, Huhn concentrated on the great names from the German Democratic Republic (GDR)’s sporting history, and wrote, more recently, largely for the “GDR nostalgia” readership.

Huhn published several books about the cycling legend Gustav-Adolf Schur, and was employed as the ghost writer for Schur’s autobiography.

The aim of the book was questioned by one reviewer who described it as “shameless propaganda.

Klaus Huhn passed away at 88 years old.