Kim Hyun Ji, South Korean singer & reality contestant, Died at 31

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Kim Hyun Ji, died on October 27, 2015, she committed suicide by carbon monoxide.

He was a South Korean singer and reality contestant.

Kim was found dead by police in a minivan parked in South Korea’s North Jeolla Province.

The cause of death of the three was apparent group suicide, based on a text message one of the men sent to his family.

Burnt coal briquettes were also found in the car.

The minivan was reported missing by a rental car manager in Gwangju, who contacted the police after the car was not returned on time and he was unable to reach the man who had rented the car.

Police used GPS to discover the location of the car, and found the three bodies, reported Korean outlet 10Asia.

A text message sent by one of the men found with Kim Hyun Ji to his family reportedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m going first.”

Police are investigating the case.

In 2013, Kim Hyun Ji released a music video for her song, “Rush” while appearing on “Voice Korea.”

Kimpassed away at age 31 in October 2015.