Khalid Masood, British terrorist, Died at 52


Khalid Masood was born Adrian Russell Elms on December 25, 1964, and died on March 22, 2017.

He was also known as Adrian Ajao and Khalid Choudry.

He was identified by police as the perpetrator of the 2017 Westminster attack, which was the largest attack in London since 2005.

On the day of the attack, he was shot dead by police.

He did not fit the usual profile of a terrorist, as most are in their 20s or younger, and he was 52.

He was a British citizen.

His mother is Janet Elms in Dartford, Kent, on December 25, 1964.

Khalid grew up in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and attended Huntleys secondary school until he was 16 years old.

After his mother’s marriage to Phillip Ajao Masood took his stepfather’s surname.

Masood was a Muslim convert, married, and a father.

Masood lived in Birmingham.

Masood lived in Saudi Arabia, in 2005.

He had been investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns regarding violent extremism.

Khalid Masood passed away at 52 years old.