Kevin Curran, American television writer, Died at 59

Kevin Patrick Curran was born on February 27, 1957, and died on October 25, 2016.

He was an American television comedy writer.

Curran wrote for Late Night with David Letterman, Married…with Children, and The Simpsons.

Curran was also the voice of Buck the Dog on Married…with Children (except for several episodes in which Buck was voiced by Cheech Marin).

During the sixth season episode “Psychic Avengers”, Curran appeared briefly onscreen during the end sequence where, thanks to Madam Inga’s curse, the Bundy family is turned into monkeys and Buck is turned into a human, in which Curran is credited as “Buck the Man” above the usual final credited character of “Buck the Dog”.

He was in a relationship with the author Helen Fielding from 1999 to 2006; the couple had two children.

He attended Harvard College, where he was an editor of the Harvard Lampoon.

Subsequently, Curran wrote for the National Lampoon and was the Editor of the Letters and Cartoon sections.

Curran next wrote for Late Night with David Letterman for which he won three Emmys.

Curran wrote Letterman’s first “Top Ten List”, “The Top 10 Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas”.

During 1989, he joined Married…with Children, and, in 2000, he joined The Simpsons where he was a Co-Executive Producer.

At The Simpsons, Curran won three additional Emmys and was nominated in 2010 for a Humanitas Award for his episode “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed.

Kevin Curran passed away at 59 years old.