Keith Jeffery, Northern Irish historian, Died at 64


Keith John Jeffery was born on January 11, 1952, and died on February 12, 2016.

He was a Northern Irish historian.

His field was modern British, British Imperial, and Irish history.

He received his BA, MA, and PhD, in 1978, degrees from St. John’s College, Cambridge, the latter under the supervision of John Andrew Gallagher, Keith was Professor of British history at Queen’s University Belfast.

In 1998, Keith Jeffery work as the Lees Knowles Lecturer at Trinity College, Cambridge, and in 2003–4 the Parnell Fellow in Irish Studies at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Keith also held visiting post at the Australian National University, the Australian Defence Force Academy and Deakin University.

However a majority his work was dedicated to military history, his research more recently focused on the history of intelligence gathering.

During 2005, Keith was appointed by the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to write an authorized history for the organization’s centenary, covering its founding in 1909 up through to 1949.

And, John Scarlett, the head of MI-6 at the end of that period said honesty required that Jeffery was given unrestricted access the files for the relevant period (1900–1949).

Mr. Scarlett was completely fixed that if James Bond had been real, he would not have been an agent, but a case officer, and that it was unthinkable that a mere agent would have so much autonomy, including a license to kill.

In 2010, it was published.

In a similar study, The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 by Christopher Andrew was distributed in 2009.

During 1916: A Global History, published in 2015, looked at how twelve events from different arenas of war, including the Irish rebellion, reverberated around the world.

Keith John Jeffery passed away at 64 yrs old.