Kathryn Adams Doty, American actress, Died at 96

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Kathryn Adams Doty (née Kathryn Elizabeth Hohn) was born on July 15, 1920, and died on October 14, 2016,
She was an actress.
She earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and had a career as a psychologist.
She wrote two novels: A Long Year of Silence and Wild Orphan.
From her work ‘A Long Year of Silence won the 2005 Midwest Book Award.
And her third book, Becoming the Mother of Me, described her life growing up as a minister’s daughter and her trip to Hollywood and her first marriage.
Eugene Hugh Beaumont was her first husband (born February 16, 1909 – died May 14, 1982), he was an American actor and television director, who got married in 1942 to Kathryn.
Beaumont was also licensed to preach by the Methodist church.
He was best known for his portrayal of Ward Cleaver on the television series Leave It to Beaver (1957–1963).
Kathryn Adams Doty passed away at 96 years old.