Karsten Johannessen


Norwegian coach for the football club IK Start Karsten Johannessen was born on November 30, 1925, and died on December 16, 2018.

Johannessen was historically the most significant coach for the club, having held the position as coach in eighteen seasons, in nine different terms; starting in 1954 and ending in 1996.

During 1978 and 1980 IK Start has won its two only victories in the Norwegian top league under Johannessen’s tenure as coach.

Johannessen was awarded the King’s Medal of Merit in silver for his efforts for football in Southern Norway, in 2011

Other than his football career, he was also active in local politics.

Karsten Johannessen was a councilor in the Kristiansand city council for the Progress Party in two terms, until he helped found the Democrats party.

Karsten Johannessen passed away at 93 years old.


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