Karl Maramorosch, virologist, entomologist and plant pathologist, Died at 101

Karl Maramorosch was born on January 16, 1915, and died on May 9, 2016.

He was an Austrian-born American virologist, entomologist, and plant pathologist.

Before his death, he was a centenarian and polyglot, he conducted research on viruses, mycoplasmas, rickettsiae and other micro-organisms; and their transmission to plants through insect vectors in many parts of the world.

Karl the co-author of a textbook on techniques in virology and is the author of numerous papers on the biology and ecology of plant viruses, their hosts and vectors.

Maramorosch received the Wolf Prize in Agriculture in 1980 for his contribution to the study of crop pathogens.

He carried on through 2015, to be active in the field by conducting research, publishing, presenting his findings at professional meetings, and organizing international conferences to promote new advances in the field.

Over the period of his career of over 60 years, Maramorosch published as author or co-author more than 800 scientific papers and 100 books.

Karl Maramorosch passed away at 101 yrs old.