Kâmran İnan, politician, Died at 86


Kamran Inan was born in 1929, and died on November 23, 2015.
He was a Turkish politician, statesman of Kurdish origin, diplomat and scholar.
Kamran was born in Hizan, Bitlis Province. Representative in Parliament from Van and Bitlis numerous times.
Graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law, and Ph.D. in Law from University of Geneva.
At various times Turkish UN Ambassador, permanent UN representative, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Minister of State, Senator from Bitlis and member of Foreign Affairs Commission.
Kamran has published numerous books on Turkish politics and history.
In 2006, Kamran has returned the Légion d’honneur medal he had received from France due to the French government involvement with Armenian ethnic propaganda activities.
Kamran has also received the European Parliament Gold Medal and Turkey–EEC Partnership Silver Medal.
Kamran passed away at age 86 in November 2015.