Junaid Hussain, hacker and Islamist, drone strike, died at 21

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Dead. Junaid Hussain, born 1994 and died August 26, 2015, he grew up in Birmingham and was a British black hat hacker and propagandist under the nom de guerre of Abu Hussain al-Britani who supported the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Hussain was jailed in 2012 for hacking Tony Blair’s accounts and posting his personal information online.

Hussain left the UK around 2013 for Syria, and was at one point suspected of being the infamous executioner “Jihadi John”.

Hussain was known as TriCk from the disbanded hacking group TeaMp0isoN. He was a key figure in a group of Islamist computer hackers

who call themselves the Cyber Caliphate. The Islamist hackers have been involved in defacing French websites during the 2015 Île-de-France attacks and the Twitter feeds of the U.S. Central Command, Newsweek and the International Business Times.

The group is believed to be behind the use of a spearfishing attack that exposed identities of rebel media groups.

Hussain was in online contact with one of the gunmen behind the Curtis Culwell Center attack of May 2015.

Before the incident, an attacker posted online statements on Twitter, in which he requested others to follow Hussain’s account.

After the shooting occurred, Hussain wrote: “Allahu Akbar! 2 of our brothers just opened fire.”[original research?

Hussain was a prominent target on the Pentagon’s Disposition Matrix due to his influence overseas.

US officials say they have a “high level of confidence” that Hussain was killed with two of his bodygards in a drone strike against his car in a Raqqa petrol station on August 26th 2015.

British hacker and Islamist Junaid Hussain died on August 26, 2015 in a drone strike, he was age 21.