Juliet Clutton-Brock, English zooarchaeologist, died at 82

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Juliet Clutton-Brock, born on September 6, 1933 and died September 21, 2015.

Juliet was an English zooarchaeologist, serving as a senior research worker in the Mammal Section at the Natural History Museum, London from 1969 until her retirement in 1993, subsequently maintaining a position there as a research associate.

She acted as editor of the Journal of Zoology from 1994 and published more than 90 scientific reports, papers, books and popular articles on zooarchaeology and the history of domesticated mammals.

Juliet most popular books include A Natural History of Domesticated Mammals (Cambridge University Press) and the Cat, Dog, and Horse volumes of the Eyewitness Books series (DK Publishing).

Other works include Horse Power: A History of the Horse and the Donkey in Human Societies (Harvard University Press) and Cats: Ancient and Modern (also Harvard University Press).

Juliet married Peter Jewell, also a biologist.

She was the daughter of art critic of The Times and Slade Professor of Fine Art Alan Clutton-Brock (1904-1976) by his first wife, Sheelah Mabel Stoney Archer.

Juliet died at age 82 on September 21, 2015.