Julien Studley, American businessman, Died at 88

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Julien Studley, born in Brussels, Belgium on May 14, 1927, and died on October 13, 2015.

He was born to a Polish Jewish family, his father, Max, an engineer, and mother Marsha, were Jewish immigrants from Poland.

In 1940 Julien parents and his younger brother, George, fled first to Nice in Vichy France, and then to Cuba.

The family left Cuba in 1943 to join relatives in New York, where Julien initially worked in the diamond business, he had learned how to cut diamonds in Cuba.

After a few set backs Julien Acquired a broker’s license.

Studley was invested in many properties and he put together offices to be rented.

Julien J. Studley founded Julien J. Studley, Inc. in 1954 and he served as its Chairman. Mr. Studley serves as a Chairman Emeritus of the Graduate and City University Foundation.

Julien serves as a Vice Chairman of the New School for Social Research.

Julien also a Director of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Inc.; and as a Member of the boards of Project Return and the Bronx High School of Science Foundation.

Among his many achievements, he served for two years in the psychological warfare unit of the United States Army and as the Director Emeritus of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.

Julien Studley a frequent guest speaker at industry, business and community events. The City University awarded him the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters In 1992.

Studley ware honoured with a seat on the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art In 2000.

Julien Studley married Jane and have children, Jacob, Stepson, Ni Jun and two step-grandsons.

Julien Studley passed away on 13 October 2015.