Juan Radrigán, Chilean writer, Died at 79


Juan Rojas Radrigan was born on January 23, 1937, in Antofagasta and October 16, 2016.

He was a Chilean playwright, novelist and poet and winner of The National Performing Arts Prize in Chile.

He was a child, Radrigan worked to support the family’s scant income, never receiving a formal education.

He was entirely self-taught, he became an avid reader and began writing poetry and stories from the age of twelve.

He was appointed editor of Unpublished Notebooks, an official publication of the Unpublished Writers Center, from November 1961 to July 1962.

When he was 25 years, he published his first volume of short stories Los Vencidos no Creen en Dios, followed six years later by his second novel El Vino de la Cobardía.

Juan Radrigán passed away at 79 years old.