Juan Manuel Ley, Mexican businessman, Died at 82


Juan Manuel Ley was born on February 17, 1933, in Tayoltita, Durango, Mexico and died on January 22, 2016.

is the Casa Ley chairman.

He also was president of the baseball teams Saltillo in the Mexican Summer League and Culiacán in the Mexican Winter League.

In 1910, his father, Lee Fong, left Guangdong province, China by boat.

On arrival in Sinaloa city, he “Mexicanized” his name to Juan Ley Fong instead.

He was born and raised in Mexico.

Juan Manuel Ley the eldest of eight brothers and sisters, was the CEO of Culiacán Sinaloa Mexico’s Based Grupo Ley, which containes several companies going from Casa Ley SA de CV, one of Mexico’s largest retail supermarkets (co-owned by California-based Safeway Inc.), Apparel Stores, Baseball Teams in both Mexican Leagues (Saraperos de Saltillo and Tomateros de Culiacán), Automobile Dealerships, and Del Campo y Asociados, one of the largest producers of fresh tomatoes for export into the United States.

Ley was inducted in the Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006.

Juan Manuel Ley passed away at 82 yrs old.