Juan Gomez, Puerto Rican boxer and boxing trainer, died at 41

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Juan Carlos Gomez, born July 26, 1973, and died September 30, 2015, he was a Cuban professional boxer.

He was a former WBC cruiserweight champion, having made ten defenses of the title, and has challenged for the WBC heavyweight title.

He defected from Cuba during his stay in Germany. “I didn’t choose boxing,” said Cuban defector Juan Carlos Gomez in a recent interview. “They chose it for me in Cuba.

I wanted to become a baseball player. That was always my dream. But, you know, in Cuba you are not allowed to make your own decisions.”

Gomez has suddenly passed away from an apparent massive heart attack in Puerto Rico.

Gomez had faced health problems in recent years. After his retirement, he excelled as a trainer.

He passed away on September 30, 2015 at age 41.