Joseph Roduit, Swiss Roman Catholic prelate, Died at 76

Joseph Roduit was born on December 17, 1939 and died on December 17, 2015 in Saint-Maurice.

He was a Swiss Roman Catholic prelate.

Joseph, the 94th abbot (mitred abbot nullius Dioecesis), of the territorial abbey St. Saint Maurice in Switzerland from 1999-2015.

He attended the University of Fribourg before becoming a priest.

Roduit became a canon regular of St. Augustine 15 November 1964 and was ordained priest on September 4, 1965.

Roduit was officiates in the diocese of Sion, in Vollèges and Bagnes, then continues his ministry to the Abbey of Saint-Maurice, then as prior novice master.

Joseph was elected abbot of the Abbey on April 5, 1999. His election is confirmed by the Holy See on May 14 of that year and receives the blessing July 31, 1999.

Joseph was also active in the committees Contact Service for homosexuals and the Swiss Catholic missionary Board.

Joseph celebrates his 75 years in the service on December 17, 2014.

Roduit then presented his resignation to Pope Francis.

Joseph Roduit passed away 76 yrs old at the clinic in Saint-Amé Saint-Maurice where he was hospitalized.