Josep Vall Palou, owner of Vall Companys, Died at 66

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Josep Lleida Vall Palou died on October 20, 2015.

He was the owner of the Vall Companys group.

The company is one of the largest European pig producers.

Palou was the owner of the company Meta flour.

The Vall Palou business group turnover of over 1,300 million euros per year and includes dozens of companies related to the meat sector, including feed mills, slaughterhouses and cutting plants.

Among all the companies that make up the Vall Companys group highlights the slaughterhouse Patel, veterinary company Mevet and integration companies Gepesa swine, Agroturia and Agrocesa.

Palou also owns poultry companies Pondex, Torrent Fills, and Especialitats Avidel Costa; Frimancha beef companies and Rubiato Paredes, and other companies like Meat Cinco Villas, Duriber Ham, Ham Alto Aragon, Flours Transegre and Palencia.

Palou controlled his holding company Inversions Fennec through a holding company based in Barcelona whose board had input and their three children: Meritxell, Josep and Oscar Vall Esquerda.

Josep Vall Palou passed away at 66 yrs old.