José Becerra, Mexican bantamweight boxer, Died at 80

Jesus “José” Becerra was born on April 15, 1936, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and died on August 6, 2016.

He was a Mexican boxer.

Jose became world champion in the bantamweight division.

He was the youngest of the five children.

Becerra parents were Maria Covarrubias and Jesus Becerra.

When he was age 12, in the 5th grade, he quit school to work in a carriage repair shop.

He received his first public notice in the Mexican sports world by scoring an upset over the vastly more experienced Manuel Armenteros.

Following some ups and downs, he earned a top 10 ranking by knocking out former world champion Mario D’Agata.

Briefly, he won the World Bantamweight Championship with a knockout over Alphonse Halimi.

Following two successful title defenses, Becerra lost a stunning upset, being knocked out by club-fighter Eloy Sanchez in a non-title fight.

He was so dejected by the defeat that he announced his retirement at age 24.

During 1962, Mexican club fighter, Rudy Coronado was seriously injured in a fight.

A special benefit show was held for Coronado and his family, he returned to the ring and won a 6 round decision over Alberto Martinez.

He donated his fight-purse to the injured boxer’s family.

He never fought again.

José Becerra passed away at 80 years old.