Jonathan Borwein, Scottish mathematician, Died at 65


Jonathan Michael Borwein was born on May 20, 1951, and August 2, 2016.

He was a Scottish mathematician.

He held an appointment as Laureate Professor of mathematics at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

He was noted for his prolific and creative work throughout the international mathematical community, he was a close associate of David H. Bailey, and they have been prominent public advocates of experimental mathematics.

He was Shrum Professor of Science (1993–2003) and a Canada Research Chair in Information Technology (2001–08) at Simon Fraser University, where he was founding Director of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics.

During 2004, the (re-)joined the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University as a Canada Research Chair in Distributed and Collaborative Research, cross-appointed in Mathematics, while preserving an adjunct appointment at Simon Fraser.

Borwein interests spanned pure mathematics (analysis), applied mathematics (optimization), computational mathematics (numerical and computational analysis), and high performance computing.

Jonathan has authored ten books (most recently several on Experimental Mathematics and a monograph on convex functions, and over 400 refereed articles.

Borwein was a co-founder (1995) of a software company MathResources, consulting and producing interactive software primarily for school and university mathematics.

He was also an expert on the number pi and especially its computation.

Jonathan Borwein passed away at 65 years old.