John Woodburn, British racing cyclist, Died at 80


John Woodburn was born in 1937 and died on April 14, 2017.

He was an English road and individual time trial cyclist.

Woodburn was national 25-mile champion in 1961, RTTC British Best All-Rounder in 1978, and holder of several UK Road Records Association place-to-place cycling records.

Woodburn was RTTC national 25-mile time trial champion in 1961, and currently holds age-related records.

During 2001, he received his award as best British Veteran from Eddy Merckx at the RTTC Champions Evening at Derby, on 6 January.

Durin July 2002, Wodburn broke the 50 mile time-trial National Age Record for over 65s.

Woodburn completed the Didcot course fourth overall in 1 hour 47 minutes and 40 seconds, breaking the record by nearly three minutes.

John Woodburn had been aiming for the record for two years and, recently retired, he had been using his new free time to put in extra training.

At 70 years old, rode a 10-mile time trial in 21 minutes 48 seconds.

John Woodburn passed away at 80 years old.