John Siddons, Australian politician, Died at 88


John Royston Siddons was born on October 1927, and died on September 22, 2016.
He was an Australian politician.
John was a businessman and the executive chairman of Siddons Industries Ltd. before entering politics.
During 1980, John was elected to the Australian Senate as a Democrats senator for Victoria.
Siddons was defeated at the 1983 election, when he was required to take second place on the Democrats ticket in deference to party leader Don Chipp.
But, John was re-elected in the 1984 election, when seven places were up for election due to the expansion of the Parliament.
During 1986, Siddons left the Democrats, claiming that the party had moved too far to the left.
During 1987, he registered the Unite Australia Party, amalgamating two other minor parties, the Advance Australia Party and the remnants of the Australia Party.
Siddons was joined in the Senate by South Australian Democrat David Vigor.
And the new party contested the 1987 election but received under 1% in all states contested.
John Siddons and Vigor were both defeated.
John Siddons passed away at 88 years old.