John Rudometkin, Basketball player, Dies at 75

Dead, John Rudometkin died of lung disease, born June 6, 1940 and died August 4, 2015, he was an American professional basketball player, formerly of the New York Knicks and San Francisco Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He was selected in the second round as the 11th pick in the 1962 NBA Draft by the Knicks and spent three seasons playing in the league.

Rudometkin was nicknamed “the Reckless Russian” by Chick Hearn, the legendary Los Angeles Lakers broadcaster who used to broadcast USC men’s basketball games before transitioning to the NBA.


After only three seasons, Rudometkin was forced to prematurely retire from basketball.

His stamina weakened noticeably and doctors could not initially determine the cause.

He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a diverse group of blood cancers that include any kind of lymphoma except Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

He spent years in treatment, which caused total hair loss, temporary paralysis and the need to learn to walk all over again.

Rudometkin eventually went into remission and cites both medicine and his faith as reasons why he was able to survive the tumor which had encircled his lungs and heart.