John K. Watts, Australian football player, Died at 80


John Albert Watts was later known as John K. Watts and born on January 21, 1937, and died on June 3, 2017.

He was an Australian rules football player and radio broadcaster and television personality.

He was born in Perth, Western Australia to Western Australia Police Superintendent James Albert Watts and Eileen Sylvia Watts.

He has three daughters (Joanna, Donna who was tragically killed in 1995 and Vanessa) and two sons (Luke and Jonathon) and six grandchildren.

Watts was married to Lorraine and resides in the coastal city of Scarborough in Western Australia over-looking the Indian Ocean.

During November 2011, Watts was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer, after previously having a malignant melanoma removed from the back of his neck during his football players days and prostate cancer in 2000.

Watts continued to make guest appearances and to write jokes.

John K. Watts passed away at 80 years old.