John Gudenus, Austrian politician and convicted Holocaust denier, Died at 75


John Gudenus was born on November 23, 1940, in Vienna and died on September 15, 2016.
He was an Austrian retired member of the Federal Council of Austria on a free mandate (formerly as a member of the Freedom Party of Austria), and colonel of the Austrian Bundesheer.
During 2006, John Gudenus received a one-year suspended sentence for breaking the Verbotsgesetz, Austria’s laws against denying or diminishing the Holocaust.
He had suggested that it was necessary to verify the existence of gas chambers in Nazi Germany and later remarked that there had been gas chambers in Poland but not in Germany.
However, Austria’s Der Standard newspaper argued that these two remarks were “cynical and humiliating”, and show contempt for the Verbotsgesetz.
John Gudenus passed away at 75 years old.